Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance is defined as the distance between the centers of the pupils in each eye. If the optical center of the lenses in prescription glasses is not exactly aligned with the pupillary distance, visual difficulty and physical pain can result. This distanct applies to human experience, as well, with escalating tensions between individuals who do not see eye to eye.

Based on journal entries, where seemingly disconnected stories collapse together into same-space storytelling, a personal narrative about eye pain and prescription clarity is juxtaposed with a story about insult and homophobia, using cut-out construction paper letters and the artist’s personal collection of eye prescriptions.

15 x 11 inches. Softback with 90 lb. Stonehenge black cover, stab-stitched with dyed thread, 20 leaves, each a digital inkjet print of eye prescriptions and cut construction paper letterforms reconfigured into 676 combinations. Printed on 80 lb. Wausau text weight paper. Signed edition of 10.

Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, Chicago
Gund Library Special Collections and Archives at The Cleveland Institute of Art