Years Yet Yesterday // Chicago Center on Halsted Gallery

The complete Years Yet Yesterday drawing series was featured as a solo exhibition of 24 drawings, arranged on a continous wall, at the Chicago Center on Halsted Gallery (3656 North Halsted Street), November 20, 2015 through January 5, 2016. The exhibition was featured in tandem with 2015 World AIDS Day.

The hanging order for the drawings was the following:
M—Miraculous Meds Maybe
A—Asshole Axis America
B—Blind Before Better
Q—Questioning Queer Question
G—Goddmaned Grace Gobbledygook
F—Fucking Fucked Future
Y—Years Yet Yesterday
J—Jeopardy Journey July
S—Systems Still Sick
N—Never Neglect Number
D—Denial Days Disappearing
E—Expected Elected Emergencies
I—Infecting Infected Intertwined
T—Two To Tango
K—Knowledge Keeps Killing
L—Leader Loses Lover
O—Obliterates Ourselves Obviously
C—Civil Courage Contaminated
R—Research Requires Response
U—Uninfected Until Unprotected
H—Horror Highest Hope
W—Wrong Way Washington
P—Political Plague Pigshit
V—Victims Voices Victory