During World War II, Heart-Shield Bibles were produced by the Know Your Bible Company in Cincinnati, Ohio and distributed to soldiers—the steel-covered Bibles were to be worn in their front left chest pockets to protect their hearts from bullets; the text was to provide spiritual guidance in troubled times. A question emerged—Who would use these books today, and under what circumstances? Rooted in the sticks and stones may break my bones nursery rhyme and incorporating original Heart-Shield Bible covers, a modernized, rhyming, non-linear flip book was developed to protect today's spirit against the culture wars and the daily battles that are fought with regard to contemprary young America: identity, security, independence.

4.125 x 2.75 x .5 inches. Hardback with repurposed 1943 Heart-Shield Bible cover, 7 leaves, each a digital reprint of hand-drawn, 1940s engraver typefaces and printed on Fabriano Tiziano 160 gsm paper. Kettle-stitched and bisected for non-linear text combinations and ready-to-wear in your upper left shirt pocket.