We Have Re-Energized Our Twitter Account

The illustrated book grapples with the (real or perceived) decline of Western civilization due to our obsession with social media posts as our primary form of communication. How can society survive if we can't truly hear or speak to each other?

Source material: In a daily art practice since 2008 (called You Look Like The Right Type), I listen to actual quotes spoken by human beings and redraw them using ink and paper—my own version of an analog Tweet. I then piece together these spoken fragments into larger conversations between strangers who have never met or exchanged words so they may hear and speak to each other.

WE HAVE RE-ENERGIZED OUR TWITTER ACCOUNT is a book-form conversation voiced by countless strangers—spanning 10-years and using 108 drawings selected from my You Look Like The Right Type archive of 5,000+ works-on-paper—about the broken-down mechanics of contemporary communication.

6 x 9 x 1 inches, 128 pages, linen cloth on hardback case-binding, matte black foil-stamping with debossed cover, offset-printed interior pages on Cougar 90# text with Smyth-sewn signatures, featuring 108 drawings sourced in verbatim fragments from overheard-conversations and spanning 10 years. Signed edition of 218 copies to commemorate 2018, the tenth year of Mark Addison Smith's You Look Like The Right Type daily-conversation archive.

Mark Addison Smith’s design specialization is typographic storytelling: allowing illustrative text to convey a visual narrative through printed matter, artist books, and site installations. You Look Like The Right Type is his on-going, daily drawing archive in which he translates direct-quote, overheard conversation fragments into black and white drawings—his daily practice since 2008.