In a world filled with double talk, the cliché what you see is what you get is not always what it seems. Here, it is given two treatments: first, as an enlarged, fixed set of seven rules detailing political policy comprising the first half of the book, and second, as a smaller, interactive set of malleable regulations (bending the rules and keeping them behind the scenes, so to speak), represented by a hidden ‘secret book’ cut out from the book’s remaining back pages.

14 x 12 inches. Hardback with black cloth cover, spiral bound, 16 leaves, each a digital inkjet print of hand cut construction paper letterforms on 100 lb. Bristol board. Black, railroad board end pages. The second half of the book is cut into 7 horizontal strips to allow for multiple narrative combinations. Signed edition of 10.

Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, Chicago
University of Michigan Library Artists’ Books Collection

2013—Honorable Mention within group show Hidden Agendas, co-curated by Linda Piacentini-Yaple, Sandy Anderson, and Pat Clark, Atelier 6000 Studio & Gallery, Bend, OR (awarded by Barbara Tetenbaum, Professor and Chair of Book Arts at Oregon College of Art and Craft)